Manhattan Function Band FAQs

Q. How long is a standard night with Manhattan?

A. We usually perform from 8pm-12am for Weddings with a break during the evening buffet (2 x 1hr 30mins Sets). 9pm-12am for other Events (2 x 1hr 15mins Sets). We can also offer a DJ set until 1am if you would like to keep the party going (subject to extra cost).

Q. How long does it take you to set up?

A. We take around 1 hour (from access to the room) to set up and have a full soundcheck to make sure the band sounds perfect for your event. So for a night starting at 8pm we would aim to arrive around 6.45pm.

Q. How far will you travel?

A. We will travel anywhere! (Long distance journeys are subject to extra cost and accommodation may have to be provided for the band).

Q. Will we need to provide any equipment for the band?

A. No, We supply everything we need. All we require is access to a minimum of 2 power points.

Q. Do you provide lights?

A. Yes, we provide our own lighting. However this is for the stage only and may not light up the rest of the room.

Q. What will the band wear?

A. Smart & Stylish. e.g. Waistcoats, blazers, shirt etc. However, if you wish the band to be more or less formal, no problem, just let us know at least one week prior to the event.

Q. Do you play music during your break?

A. Yes, we provide background music during the break as well as the start of the evening before the band begins. Alternatively, you can provide us with an iPod/MP3 Player with your own chosen playlist.

Q. Will you learn our first dance?

A. Yes we are happy to learn your first dance. Due to the band’s busy season, we will need a minimum of six weeks’ notice in order to learn and rehearse your chosen song.

Q. Can I choose the setlist for my wedding?

A. The band have full control over the song choices and order in which we play them. With years of experience we feel confident in reading the crowd and playing songs best suited to keep the dance floor busy. However, please feel free to tell us some of your favourite songs, or songs you would rather we didn't play, and we can tailor the night to your suit your needs.

Q. Can guests come up to sing a song?

A. Having a family member or friend perform a song can, of course, add something special to your night and we would love to accommodate this for you. However, we ask for prior notice if you wish for one of your guests to perform on stage!

Q. How do I pay the band for my event?

A. We require payment via bank transfer four weeks prior to the event as opposed to cash on the night. We feel this is an easier option for both sides and is one less thing for you to worry about so you can just enjoy your big day. Bank details will be provided during the initial booking. 

Q. Will the band play later if my event runs behind schedule?

A. Unfortunately no. The band can not be held accountable for things being held up during the day of your event.  A lot of venues have a curfew for live music and we must abide to them. Performing past midnight would need to be pre-arranged in the booking process and is subject to extra cost.

Q. What happens if a member of the band is sick?

A. Luckily we have a fantastic group of professional musicians who are all well rehearsed with our set and can stand in at a moments notice! So if unfortunately a band member is sick or has to cancel due to a personal matter, don’t worry, a musician of the same standard will be in their place and the experience of the your event will be unchanged! 

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