The Top Picks of Our Favourite Venues!!

We have had the pleasure to play some amazing and memorable Venues over the years! Here is some of our top picks that we love to get the chance to come back and hopefully can help you if you are looking for your perfect wedding locations!

Brig O’Doon


Fantastic Venue! Located in Ayrshire, Brig O’Doon is a pleasure for us to play. Great sized room with one side all glass windows looking out at over River Doon. Grand staircase the Bride & Groom walk down as the are welcomed back into the room and friendly staff.

Dundas Castle


Local to us, Dundas Castle is located just outside Edinburgh near the Queensferry Crossing. There is a permanent Marquee next to the castle with a stage for the band as well as an outside seating area to enjoy the nice weather ( if you’re lucky.. It is Scotland we’re talking about after all! ).

Balbirnie House


A very familiar Venue in many bands diary! Really open dance floor and big enough to have all your guests up all night long! Balbirnie is also known as one of the best load ins for band which is always a plus in our books!



Up in Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Aswanley is a converted Victorian Barn. The room is split down the middle, with one side having the tables for your meal and the other is just a huge dance floor! With a stage for band so you have a good view of us dancing along with you while playing your favourite hits!

Seamill Hyrdo


Seamill Hydro is located in Ayrshire. The venue has stunning views of the beach to the rear with a back garden where you can get great photos on your big day! The staff here have your night organised like a well oiled ship!

The Barony


This former church is now part of Strathclyde University. This room is huge! So if you are in Glasgow and planning on having a large amount of guest this could be the one for you! Always great fun running around that big stage!

The Hub


Last but not least we return to our home town of Edinburgh! The Hub is right at the top of the Royal Mile, a stones through from Edinburgh Castle! The ballroom is very similar to The Barony. Grand large hall with a stage for your band.

We hope if you are still looking for your perfect venue this might have helped you in the right direction!